Starting and Stopping the Levelogger

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    Levelogger 5 Junior and Rainlogger 5 do not have the Future Stop function.

  1. If desired, enter a Future Start and/or Future Stop Time. To start logging immediately, do not fill in a future start time and click the 'Start Now' icon
  2. Note:

    When the 'Start' icon is selected, a window will pop-up to indicate how much memory is available. Selecting "Yes" ignores the message and starts the datalogger immediately. Selecting "No" gives you the chance to access the 'Data Control' tab to download and/or delete data files using the 'Download and Delete Files' option, to free-up memory.

  3. When "Yes" is selected, all settings are applied to the Levelogger and it will start logging at the specified time.
  4. To stop the Levelogger immediately, click the 'Stop Now' icon.


The 'future start' and 'future stop' options are ideal for synchronizing the data collection of multiple Leveloggers and Barologgers.