1 Introduction

This User Guide focuses on the current Levelogger 4.6.3 Software and Levelogger 5 Series of dataloggers, which includes:

Levelogger Software 4.6.3 is also compatible with the Levelogger Edge Series of dataloggers.


Levelogger Gold Series dataloggers are compatible with Levelogger Software 4.4.0. For full specifications on Gold Series dataloggers, see the Appendix.

In addition, Levelogger Software 4.6.3 is compatible with LevelVent 5 and AquaVent 5 vented dataloggers, and the Solinst Readout Unit (SRU), which have separate User Guides.


For further information about Solinst product compatibility, please refer to the Levelogger Series: Hardware Compatibility chart at https://www.solinst.com/products/data/3001compatibility.pdf

Levelogger Software is Windows® based and provides many convenient features. You can view and program datalogger settings, begin logging sessions, monitor real-time readings, download data, manage data files, perform data compensations, and save and export data files.

Solinst dataloggers can also be used with the Solinst Levelogger App, which shares most of the features of Solinst Levelogger Software, on your smart device. To use the Solinst Levelogger 5 App Interface, see the separate User Guide. Also, see separate instructions for use with the DataGrabber 5 simple USB data transfer device.


Let Solinst keep you up-to-date with each new software and firmware release. Register your software at: https://downloads.solinst.com/ to receive these updates.


A significant physical difference between Levelogger 5 Series of dataloggers compared to all previous versions (including the Edge and Gold Series), is one large optical eye (lens) versus two smaller optical eyes and a connection pin at the communication interface.

Section 2 discusses the different hardware options to communicate with each type of datalogger. Section discusses Direct Read Cable installation options.

solinst levelogger 5 optical eye

Levelogger 5 Optical Eye

solinst levelogger edge optical eyes

Levelogger Edge Optical Eyes


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