1.3 Compatibility

The SRU Solinst Readout Unit is compatible with Solinst dataloggers using the following minimum firmware versions, or higher:


Datalogger Firmware Version
Levelogger 5 1.004
Barologger 5 1.004
Levelogger 5 Junior 1.004
Levelogger 5 LTC 1.004
Rainlogger 5 1.004
LevelVent 5 1.004
AquaVent 5 1.004
Levelogger Edge 3.004
Barologger Edge 3.004
Levelogger Junior Edge 3.004
LTC Levelogger Edge 1.003
Rainlogger Edge 3.001
LevelVent 1.000
AquaVent 1.000


It is also important to ensure you are using the most recent SRU firmware version. To check this, go to www.solinst.com/downloads/

To determine what firmware version your SRU is using see Section 2.5.

To delete and transfer data files from the SRU to a PC, you will need to use Levelogger Software version 4.6.1, or higher.