2.3 SolSat 5 Batteries

A SolSat 5 uses two 3.4 Ah LiPo batteries. They are charged via the built-in 2 Watt solar panel. The SolSat 5 is also supplied with a 5 volt USB charging cord. The same 2-pin Bulgin power connection on the SolSat 5 can be used to attach an optional solar panel to increase the battery charging capacity.


Using a higher voltage (over 6 volts) to charge the SolSat 5 will damage the electronics.

The batteries are fully charged at 4.2 volts, at 3.4 volts the SolSat 5 needs to be recharged. The battery voltage can be checked when connected to the SolSat 5 Wi-Fi App, or can be sent with each data report.

Without an added solar panel, basic usage would allow the SolSat 5 batteries to last over 1 year. On average, the batteries will last 2–3 years based on hourly samples and one satellite transmission per day. With the solar panel recharging, they should last indefinitely.


Contact Solinst if the batteries need replacing. Do not try replacing the batteries yourself.

Keep in mind, a clear view to the sky/satellite is required for best performance and battery life, and more frequent data transmissions will use more battery power.