1.4.1 AquaVent Wellhead and Connector Cables

The AquaVent 5 Wellhead fits conveniently onto a 2" (50 mm) well casing using the well cap base (a 4" adaptor is also available). The SPX Wellhead has a 10-pin connection (Solinst Protocol) for cables communicating with Solinst software and accessories, and a second 12-pin connection for cables communicating with third party dataloggers or telemetry systems using MODBUS or SDI-12 protocols (see separate User Guides).


The Wellhead Connector Cables are 4.5 m (15 ft) in length. The Wellhead Connector Cables to be used with Solinst Software and accessories are identified with an orange band at the 10-pin connection. The 10-pin (Solinst Protocol) connection on the Wellhead is also labeled orange.

There are two cable options for the 10-pin (Solinst Protocol) connection:


A Levelogger USB PC Interface Cable can also be used to connect from an App/DataGrabber Connector Cable to the USB Port on a PC.

Each Wellhead comes with four (4) user-replaceable 1.5V AA lithium batteries that power the AquaVent (see Section 8.1 for battery installation instructions and battery life estimates). They can last 8 years based on 1 reading per minute.


Solinst recommends using 1.5V AA lithium batteries in the Wellhead.


The small internal AquaVent 5 logger battery is only used to maintain the internal clock of the AquaVent 5 logger when it is not connected to the Wellhead, and during any firmware upgrades.

The Wellheads contain multiple desiccants and have a hydrophobic filter where the Vented Cable terminates at surface. There is no need to replace desiccants or the filters, they are designed to provide protection from moisture over the lifetime of the instrument. The filter protects the cable from moisture, while still allowing air to flow through the vent tube, resulting in the cancellation effect of barometric pressure on the AquaVent 5 logger.

A 2" Well Cap Assembly is supplied with each Wellhead, along with a Support Hanger Bracket to secure the Vented Cable. See section 8.2.2 for installation instructions.

solinst aquavent spx wellhead and connector cable options

Figure 1-9 SPX Wellhead and Connector Cable Options