8.0 Vented Datalogger Installation

8.1 Installing the LevelVent

The LevelVent 5 system is designed to be conveniently installed on a 2" well casing (4" with an adaptor). However, other installations are acceptable, if proper precautions and recommendations are followed.

The LevelVent Wellhead has an IP rating of 64 (dust and splash resistant), so should not be submerged at anytime. It can be secured inside an enclosure, however, it must be vented to equalize atmospheric pressure. The Wellhead measures 30 mm x 76 mm (1.2" x 3.0").

Begin by ensuring you have correctly connected your LevelVent 5 logger to the Vented Cable, and the Vented Cable to the Wellhead. See Section 1.5.1 for connection instructions. See Section 8.1.1 for installation using the 2" Well Cap Assembly and the Support Hanger Bracket.