2.2 Solinst Telemetry Software

The Home Station computer requires STS/RRL Administrator Software. The software provides an easyto- use graphical interface to set up remote sites, specify communication intervals, define sampling rates for attached dataloggers, determine alarm settings, and perform remote and firmware updates. Collected data is stored and viewed using the software; it can also be exported for use in other programs.


You must have administrator privileges on your PC to install Solinst Telemetry Software.

The STS/RRL Communication Agent is automatically installed with the STS/RRL Administrator (see Section 4.6). It is used to view communication activity, and must remain open (can be minimized) in order to receive real-time reports at the Home Station.

The STS Field Utility is also automatically installed. It is used to perform diagnostics, control the modem, and initialize your STS Telemetry System. It is useful to have on a portable laptop, as it provides a convenient way to communicate with STS Remote Stations in your office or in the field (see Section 4.8).