5.5 FTP Export Settings

Using the Configuration menu, you can set up the transfer of log files to a FTP Folder on your Home Station PC, which will then be transferred to your own FTP Server.

solinst levelsender telemetry system ftp export settings

Figure 5-8 FTP Export Settings for Solinst LevelSender 5 Telemetry System


Select to enable the file transfer, and enter the settings for your FTP Server.

Select the location on your Home Station PC for the FTP Folder/Temporary FTP File Directory.

You can also select if the compensated water level (barometer must be enabled) is received as a positive or negative value in the FTP file.

Select the number of samples in the FTP file, e.g. one file per sample (One Sample) or one file containing all samples Based on the Sample Rate and Report Rate.

Select whether you'd like to receive the FTP files as txt or csv files, then click OK to finish the setup.


ftp text file examples

Figure 5-9 FTP Text File Examples