5.5 Start Measurement Command (aM!)

This command tells the Levelogger to take a measurement. However, the measurement is not returned after this command. Instead, the time and number of measurements that can be expected will be replied. For example: 0M!00102<CR><LF> where the first “0” is the Levelogger address, the next three digits “010” represent the time in seconds it will take the Levelogger to take the readings, and the final “2” indicates how many readings will be returned. When the measurement is ready, a Service Request “0<CR><LF>” is issued back to the datalogger. The Solinst Levelogger will return a temperature and level measurement, which are always able to be read after the specified time. After that, the datalogger can issue the send data command “ODO!” to retrieve the measurement data. Other start measurement commands such as aM1 to aM9 are reserved for future use.