2.2 Installing Levelogger App Interface Batteries

The Levelogger 5 App Interface comes with four 1.5V AA replaceable lithium batteries that can be easily changed when required.


Regular alkaline batteries can also be used, but the battery gauge estimates will not be accurate.

To install/replace the batteries:

  1. Unscrew the top of the Levelogger 5 App Interface to access the battery holder.
  2. Carefully, remove the battery holder from the Levelogger 5 App Interface.
  3. Ensure proper polarity when replacing the batteries. Please pay attention to the positive {+} and negative [–] symbols etched in the holder/housing.
  4. Ensure proper alignment, and slide the battery holder back into the Levelogger 5 App Interface housing.


The Levelogger App Interface LED will flash yellow to indicate proper battery installation.

  1. Screw the top of the Levelogger 5 App Interface back onto the housing.

figure 2-2 installing or replacing levelogger app interface batteries

Figure 2-2 Installing/Replacing Levelogger 5 App Interface Batteries


1.5V Lithium AA Battery Life Estimates
Datalogger Downloads 500 full downloads @ 21ºC
Sleep Time ~10 years @ 21ºC

Table 2-2 Levelogger 5 App Interface Battery Life Estimates