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solinst datagrabber


Provides an inexpensive and portable option for Levelogger users to download data directly to a USB flash drive key.

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solinst levelogger edge

Levelogger Edge

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solinst barologger edge

Barologger Edge

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solinst levelogger junior edge

Levelogger Junior Edge

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Solinst LTC Levelogger Junior

LTC Levelogger Edge

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solinst rainlogger edge

Rainlogger Edge

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solinst levelogger app interface

App Interface

Works with the Solinst Levelogger App to transfer data wirelessly to your smartphone device.

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Solinst deployment options

Deployment Options

Select between using a direct read cable or a standard cable before making your product selection.

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Solinst Biofoul Screen

Data Logger Accessories

Optical readers, calibration solutions, biofoul screens, and well caps.

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