Getting Started with Solinst LevelVent 5

solinst pc interface cable for connecting levelvent to computer

PC Interface Cable

solinst levelvent system setup

  1. Download the software from: and install Levelogger Software on your PC.

Connect the LevelVent Wellhead and logger to the Vented Cable:

solinst levelvent connector alignment pin

solinst levelvent connector alignment socket in the vented cable connectors


connecting solinst levelvent wellhead to vented cable


Line up the socket and pin. Gently push the Wellhead and Vented Cable together and twist slightly until you feel/ hear a small click when the properly aligned connection is made.

solinst levelvent connector coupling and connector body


Only tighten the coupling while holding the Wellhead and Vented Cable still. Tighten the coupling until it seats. There should be no threads showing at the Wellhead connection. Do not twist the Vented Cable or Wellhead.

solinst levelvent connector coupling and connector body


Follow the same procedure when connecting the logger to the Vented Cable.

  1. Connect the USB PC Interface Cable to the top of the LevelVent Wellhead. Plug the PC Interface Cable into your computer.

solinst levelogger software datalogger settings window

Datalogger Settings Window



Clicking on the in the software will provide you with a short explanation of that feature, e.g. Com Port, Datalogger Zero, Slate Mode, Time Synchronization, etc.