6 Levelogger LTC Calibration

  1. LTC Levelogger Rinsing Process: Use DI water to rinse the LTC Levelogger first and then rinse the Levelogger with the displayed calibration solution. Use fresh solution for calibration, and immerse the LTC Levelogger. Lightly tap and stir the Solinst LTC Levelogger to remove any bubbles from the sensor. Allow 2-3 minutes to stabilize, then select next to calibrate.

figure 6-5 ltc levelogger calibration wizard step 3 (example of window calibrating with 1413 μs/cm solution)

Figure 6-5 Levelogger Conductivity Calibration Wizard Step 3 (example of window calibrating with 5,000 µS/cm solution)



Always remember to use fresh calibration solution, remove all bubbles from the sensor pins, and allow for thermal equilibration of the sensor before proceeding.


Calibration: Since most standard calibration solutions state conductivity at a standard temperature of 25ºC, the LTC Levelogger can account for temperature differences between 10 - 30ºC when you calibrate the unit. The LTC Levelogger will compare the current temperature and conductivity readings against the temperature corrected standard solution.

figure 6-6 ltc levelogger calibration successful

Figure 6-6 Levelogger Conductivity Calibration Successful


When a single-point calibration is successful the process is complete. Once the calibration is complete for the first solution of a multipoint calibration, a message will appear stating that the calibration was successful. When you select 'Okay', the Calibration Wizard will go back to the beginning of Step 3 to start the rinsing process for the next solution selected. The calibration process will proceed automatically until completed for all solutions.

If a failure occurs at any point during calibration, a message will appear asking you to clean and check your probe, then start the calibration process over for that current solution by selecting 'Yes' (Figure 6-7). If performing a multipoint calibration, any previous successful calibration points will remain.

figure 6-7 ltc levelogger calibration warning 1

Figure 6-7 Levelogger Conductivity Calibration Warning 1


If a second failure occurs during calibration, a warning message will appear indicating that your probe may still be dirty, or damaged. This may occur if your Solinst LTC Levelogger conductivity sensor has been affected by dirt, mineral build-up, etc., so it no longer responds like it did when it was first factory calibrated. This step allows your sensor to be calibrated within a wider range of the standard solution value.

Figure 6-8 Levelogger Conductivity Calibration Warning 2


If you select 'Yes' to accept the larger tolerance, the calibration process will start over for that current solution (Figure 6-8). If performing a multipoint calibration, any previous successful calibration points will still remain. If you select 'No', the LTC Levelogger will default back to the last pre-calibrated state. You can retry the calibration using the normal tolerance range.

If a third calibration error occurs, or the results of the calibration are outside the error tolerance range, a warning message will appear asking you to contact Solinst for more options (Figure 6-9).

Figure 6-9 Levelogger Conductivity Calibration Warning 3

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