5.7 Send Data Command (aD0!)


The actual units in use are not reported to the SDI-12 datalogger while the Levelogger is in SDI- 12 mode, but it is possible to change level units using the Solinst Levelogger PC software.

This command is used to get groups of data from the Levelogger. An aD0! command is issued by the datalogger after a M, MC, C, CC, or V command. The Levelogger responds by sending the data. For a Solinst Levelogger, this is currently two data items: temperature and level measurements, and possibly a third measurement depending on the type of Levelogger. A typical command/reply is:


0D0!0+24.2981+0.35212<CR><LF> where the temperature is “+24.2981” in Degrees Celsius and the level is “+0.35212” in meters.


In response to a checksum request i.e. MC, CC; a typical command/reply is: 0D0!0+24.2981+0.35212MQ_<CR><LF> where the temperature and level are as before, and the final “MQ_” is the checksum. The aD1 to aD9 commands are reserved for future use.