Operation of the LevelSender 5

How to Use Solinst LevelSender 5

Solinst Cloud


solinst levelsender 5 software screen shots

LevelSender PC Software

The initial setup for each LevelSender 5 is through Solinst Cloud or LevelSender PC Software and a USB connection. The LevelSender 5 is programmed with a sampling rate to collect data from the connected dataloggers. A report rate is set to send data to the Solinst Cloud or the data recipients set up using LevelSender Software.

If you desire more detailed data, the dataloggers can be programmed to record independently in their internal memory. High and low-level alarms can be set for each datalogger.

Data is sent to the Solinst Cloud, where data files are automatically updated with each report. Data is viewed in various table and graph formats and downloaded from Solinst Cloud for use in other programs.

If using LevelSender PC Software, data is sent to an FTP server, or email and SMS recipients. Data is also saved on the Home Station PC in separate files and a dynamically updated database. The database can be accessed using your applications for posting to a website or other custom setup. Data can also be viewed and exported.

Changes to the reporting schedule can be done directly through a USB cable and Solinst Cloud or LevelSender Software. Alternatively, changes can be sent remotely to LevelSender 5 stations using Solinst Cloud or by email from the PC Home Station, which will update the LevelSender 5 at the next scheduled report.