SolSat 5 Firmware Upgrade Instructions

The SolSat 5 Satellite Telemetry System has been designed with firmware that is easy to update whenever useful new functions or other improvements become available.

To update the firmware in your SolSat 5 go to the Solinst Website at: where you can sign-in or register to download the firmware upgrade file that is contained within a Zip Archive. Ensure you unzip the Archive to access the "ELF" firmware file.

  1. Turn on/wake up the SolSat 5 by pressing the power button for 2 seconds. Within 1 minute, a Wi-Fi signal will start broadcasting.
  2. In your device's Wi-Fi settings menu, select the "SOLSAT" SSID signal. If this does not appear right away, wait an additional 2 minutes, then refresh the Wi-Fi list.
  3. With the Wi-Fi connected, open the web browser on your device and enter "" in the address bar, then press "go" or enter.
  4. Note:

    If the Wi-Fi App does not open, clear your browser history and try again. If it still doesn't open, check your firewall settings.

  5. Then, go to A blank page should appear and you will be disconnected from the Wi-Fi network.
  6. In your device's Wi-Fi settings menu, connect to the new "OTA2_" network that appears.
  7. Now, go back to in your web browser.
  8. solinst solsat 5 bootloader


  9. Click "Choose File", then navigate to where the "ELF" firmware file was saved on your device and select the file. The file name should appear in the window.
  10. Click "Load" to start loading the file.

    Ensure your browser stays active and your device does not go to sleep.

  12. Wait until the web page says "done, triggering reboot". The LED on your SolSat 5 will turn off.
  13. Hold the power button on the SolSat 5 until the LED turns on. This may take up to a minute.
  14. Note:

    Updating the firmware on your SolSat 5 will result in the SSID/Wi-Fi network name and password to change back to default settings.

  15. To connect to the SolSat 5 for re-programming, look for the "SOLSAT####" network in your device's Wi-Fi settings. – this is the default SSID for the SolSat 5. Connect to the network using the default password "8006612023".
  16. Connect to the Wi-Fi App by going to in your web browser.
  17. If desired, you can go to Settings then Wi-Fi Security Setup to change the Wi-Fi settings back. E.g. typically when first received from Solinst, a SolSat has the Security Type set as "WPA", the default password "8006612023", and the SSID "SOLSATXXXXX" – where XXXXXX is the serial number on the label on the back of the SolSat 5.
  18. solinst solsat 5 satellite telemetry system wifi app main settings screen


    solinst solsat 5 satellite telemetry system wifi app security setup screen


  19. Now, you can reconfigure your SolSat 5 using the Setup menu in the Wi-Fi App. See the SolSat 5 User Guide.