10.0 Sharing Data Logs

10.1 E-mailing and Sharing Data Logs

Open the data log as described in Section 9.0. On an iOS device tap the share icon email icon. On an Android device tap the e-mail icon email icon.

data log e-mail - iOS

Figure 10-1 Data Log Sharing - iOS

On an iOS device you will be provided with multiple options for sharing the *.xle file, including e-mail, AirDrop, or the Files App for bulk cloud transfers.


If other cloud-sharing apps are installed (e.g. Dropbox) they will also appear as file sharing options.


data log e-mail - Android

Figure 10-2 Data Log Email - Android

On an Android device the selected e-mail application will automatically create an e-mail with the selected *.xle data file as an attachment, and Solinst datalogger identification in the subject line.

Once shared via your preferred method, the *.xle files can be opened with Solinst Levelogger PC Software. For more information on Levelogger PC Software, please see the Model 3001 Levelogger Series User Guide.