Solinst Telemetry Systems

sts telemetry systems are designed for use with solinst high quality dataloggers

Solinst STS Telemetry Systems are designed for use with Solinst high quality dataloggers. Using a 4G LTE cellular modem, the STS sends water level, temperature, conductivity and rainfall data from the field to a Home Station PC.

STS Remote Stations can be powered by a sealed lead-acid 12V battery, and optionally, solar trickle charging or direct AC power. Up to four Solinst dataloggers can be connected to one STS.

Two-way IP communication from your desktop allows added features such as alarm notification, remote diagnostic reporting, and remote updates, which makes it easy to maintain your system, while simplifying data collection.

STS Telemetry Systems are ideal for large networks. Hundreds of remote stations can report to a single Home Station computer.


STS Applications