solinst datagrabber data transfer device for solinst groundwater dataloggers


The Model 3001 DataGrabber for Leveloggers provides an inexpensive, and very portable option for Levelogger users to download data directly to a USB flash drive key.


How the DataGrabber Works

The DataGrabber connects to a Levelogger's Direct Read Cable; alternatively, a Direct Read to Optical Adaptor allows you to connect it directly to a Levelogger's optical end. The DataGrabber connects to an AquaVent Wellhead using a Connector Cable, or directly to a LevelVent Wellhead. The USB flash drive key is plugged into the socket on the front of the DataGrabber.

A push-button on the DataGrabber starts the downloading process. All of the data in the datalogger's memory is transferred to the USB device. The DataGrabber comes with a 2 GB USB flash drive key with a second connection for a USB-C device, if required. It is also compatible with most other USB flash drives. The datalogger is not interrupted if it is still logging. The data in the datalogger memory is not erased.

A light changes colour to indicate when the DataGrabber is properly connected, when the data transfer is taking place, and when the data has been successfully downloaded. The DataGrabber uses one 9 volt alkaline or lithium battery that is easy to replace when required.


DataGrabber Specifications
Materials: ABS Black, 316 Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature: -20ºC to +50ºC
IP Rating: IP64 (dust and splash resistant)
Battery: 9V replaceable alkaline or lithium battery
Battery Life: Up to 60 full datalogger downloads @21ºC (alkaline)
Size: ø 1.80" x 3.91" (ø 45.7 mm x 99.3 mm)
Weight: 5.79 oz. (180 grams)
Compatible with: Levelogger Edge, Barologger Edge, Levelogger Junior Edge, LTC Levelogger Edge, Rainlogger Edge, LevelVent, and AquaVent, as well as the Levelogger Gold, Barologger Gold, Levelogger Junior, LTC Levelogger Junior, and Rainlogger.


Features of the DataGrabber


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Levelogger App & Interface

A smart alternative to the DataGrabber, is the Levelogger App Interface that uses Bluetooth® technology to connect all Solinst dataloggers to your smart device using the Solinst Levelogger App (see Model 3001 Solinst Levelogger App & Interface data sheets).


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