3.2 Wiring Overview


Solinst only supplies the Connector Cables which connect to the SPX Wellhead. The customer must supply all wiring to connect to the MODBUS equipment, and must ensure correct pin-to-pin connection with the Connector Cables according to the pin-out diagrams provided.

solinst aquavent rs 232 connector cable

Figure 3-3 RS-232 Connector Cable

Refer to the wiring diagrams below for correct connection of the RS-232 and RS-484 Connector Cables to the MODBUS master, including external power to the Wellhead (10 - 24V).


3.2.1 RS-232 Connection

The MODBUS over RS-232 Connector Cable is equipped with a female DE-9 connector. The other end of the Connector Cable connects to the 12-Pin connection on the Solinst AquaVent SPX Wellhead.

solinst aquavent rs 232 femail de 9 connector front view


Shell: Cable Shield Drain
1: N.C.
2: RxD of RS-232 DTE           Industry Standard
3: TxD of RS-232 DTE           Industry Standard
4: N.C.
5: Circuit Ground                  Industry Standard
6: N.C.
7: N.C.
8: N.C.
9: (+) Power to Wellhead (Note: This pin would normally be RI (Ring Indicator)

Figure 3-4 RS-232 Female DE-9 Connector (front view)


Solinst recommends that the RI signal of the customer equipment NOT be connected.


solinst aquavent rs 232 modbus connector cable wiring overview

Figure 3-5 RS-232 Wiring Overview