2.1 SolSat 5 Telemetry Stations

A SolSat 5 Satellite Telemetry station is designed to be used in almost any water monitoring application. It features a robust weatherproof, IP66-rated housing. It has an operating temperature from -20ºC to +55ºC.

Each SolSat 5 includes a satellite modem, high-performance helical antenna, built-in solar panel and an integral Wi-Fi App for wireless system configuration using any mobile device or laptop. There is an LED activity light on the top of the SolSat 5 that flashes with operation.

There is a power connection for charging the two 3.4 Ah LiPo batteries via USB, or for connecting an additional solar panel.

The internal barometer allows barometrically compensated water level data to be reported and an ambient temperature sensor provides added data. A Gore plastic vent plug in the SolSat enclosure protects the barometer. A SolSat 5 can store up to 100,000 data logs. A GPS module provides geo-tagged data.

Each SolSat 5 station can connect one datalogger.


solinst solsat 5 satellite telemetry system front view

solinst solsat 5 satellite telemetry system facing right

solinst solsat 5 satellite telemetry system 5 volt usb charging cable

solinst solsat 5 satellite telemetry system rear view



Reader Cables and Levelogger Direct Read Cables to connect to dataloggers are available separately.

Figure 2-1 SolSat 5 Telemetry Station


SolSat 5 Satellite Telemetry Specifications
Communication: 9603 Iridium SBD Satellite Modem
Communication Distance: Global coverage (*clear view to the sky required for best performance and battery life)
Antenna: High-performance helical (SMA connector)
Data File Type: Sent via SMS, export as .csv or .xle
Schedule Programming: Wi-Fi App (browser) on your smart device or laptop
Power Supply: 2 x 3.4 Ah LiPo batteries
Battery Charging: USB 5 volts, built-in 2 Watt 325 mAh solar panel, optional additional solar panel
Memory Capacity: 100,000 readings (wrap-around memory)
Operating Temperature: -20ºC to +55ºC
Weight: 535 grams (18.9 ounces)
Size: 19.1 cm x 16.4 cm x 6.4 cm (7.5" x 6.5" x 2.5")
IP Rating: IP66
Internal Barometer Range: 30 kPa – 110 kPa
Internal Barometer Accuracy: ±0.1 kPa (1 cm)

Table 2-1 SolSat 5 Specifications