Water Level Temperature Sensor

Water Level Temperature Sensor

Model 301

solinst water level temperature sensore also known as a submersible level transmitter available in sdi 12 and modbus protocols for both absolute and vented sensors


The Solinst Water Level Temperature Sensor is a compact, allin-one submersible hydrostatic level transmitter that provides continuous, stable and accurate water level and temperature readings for a wide variety of applications.

The water level pressure sensor and temperature sensor are enclosed in a slim, robust 22 mm x 192 mm (7/8" x 7.55") 316L stainless steel housing. Double o-ring seals prevent leaks and a Faraday cage design protects against power surges and lightning. Each probe features a removable nose cone for optional use of the 1/4" NPTM threaded connection.

The durable water level pressure sensor provides 0.05% FS accuracy with automatically temperature compensated readings. There are six pressure ranges to choose from (5-200 m), with options for absolute and gauge (vented) pressure sensor setups.

The 301 Water Level Temperature Sensor works with digital protocols – MODBUS and SDI-12 – and are easy to integrate into your existing SCADA or PLC systems.

Communication cable assemblies are available in lengths up to 300 metres. The cables are easily and securely attached to the sensor using a threaded connection.

Simple PC software utilities are used to set up the sensor for the different protocols, perform simple diagnostics, and update sensor firmware if required. A USB-A programming cable is provided for connection to the PC.


Features of the Water Level Temperature Sensor


Where the Water Level Temperature Sensor is Used

The Water Level Temperature Sensor is suited to a large number of applications. The MODBUS and SDI-12 protocols are common in industrial monitoring, and also used in the environmental sector. For example, the Water Level Temperature Sensor can be used to measure hydrostatic liquid levels, long-term, in: