8.2 View Using Solinst Telemetry Software

The STS/RRL Administrator can be used for a quick check of the latest readings. Data can also be exported as *.csv, *.xle, or *.lev files for use in other programs.

To view data from a specific site, click Display Data. Select the site from the list that opens and click OK.

solinst sts  select site window

Figure 8-2 Select STS Telemetry Systems Site


solinst sts  site data screen window

Figure 8-3 STS Telemetry System Site Data Screen


The data will be displayed in a table at the top of the window, the bottom portion of the window will show the data graphed. Data from each datalogger is shown in a separate tab (identified by serial number), Remote Site Data, including battery voltage is also displayed in a separate tab.