Connecting to the Logger

removing solinst vented datalogger and vented cable storage caps before installation

Remove the storage caps from the connectors on the logger and other end of the Vented Cable.



Ensure you save all the storage caps for future use.



match up the alignment pins on levelvent vented water level dataloggers and vented cables

Line up the alignment pin in the logger with the alignment socket in the Vented Cable. Gently push together and twist slightly; you will hear/feel a small click when the properly aligned connection is made.


only turn the coupling and do not twist the vented logger or the vented cable

Only tighten the coupling while holding the logger and Vented Cable still. Tighten the stainless steel coupling until it seats. Do not twist the Vented Cable or the vented water level datalogger.


Figure 1-13 Connecting a Vented Cable to the Logger



Do not twist the Vented Cable when connecting to a Wellhead or logger. Only turn the coupling.