8.0 LevelSender Troubleshooting

Battery life percentage is sent with each LevelSender 5 report to allow for remote monitoring.


8.1 LevelSender Diagnostic Information

The Diagnostic Information tab can be used to perform individual diagnostic tests when the LevelSender is connected to the PC with the USB cable.

Test LevelSender Battery: This test will fail if the LevelSender battery is below 2.5 volts.

Test Mobile Connection: Checks if the LevelSender is connected to the mobile carrier. The possible causes of failure are: improperly inserted SIM Card, low signal strength or power failure.

Send Test Email: Sends a test email through the LevelSender email.

Test Datalogger: Tests the communication on the attached datalogger(s).

solinst levelsender diagnostic information

Figure 8-1 LevelSender Diagnostic Information


From this tab you can also stop or start a LevelSender immediately, or set a future start time by checking the box, setting the time, and clicking the start button.

After performing all of the tests, you can send a diagnostic report from the Home Station email, LevelSender Email, or LevelSender SMS to an email recipient of your choice. You can also save the information to your PC.

The report can be used for your own purposes, or sent to Solinst for further assistance.


Also for diagnostic purposes, a log file with any reported errors can be found on the Home Station PC. Typical default directory: <C:\Users\Name\Documents\LevelSender\log>

solinst levelsender diagnostic report example

Figure 8-2 LevelSender Diagnostic Report Example