LevelSender Installation

10) LevelSender 5 Installation

The LevelSender 5 is designed to be discreetly installed inside a 2" well casing (4" with an adaptor). Each LevelSender 5 comes with a 2" Well Cap Assembly and Support Hanger Bracket.


solinst levelsender support hanger bracket

solinst 2 inch locking well caps


If you are connecting a LevelSender 5 to a Levelogger already installed in the field with a Direct Read Cable and Solinst Well Cap Assembly, remove the installation from the well.

solinst levelsender 5 hardware setup diagram

The following are guidelines for installing one Levelogger in a 2" well:

  1. Install the well cap base on the well casing.
  2. Wrap the Reader Cable around the Support Hanger Bracket, leaving about 6" of slack above the top of the bracket. Use zip ties to secure the cable to the bracket.


    Providing enough slack at the top of the well allows you to lift the LevelSender 5 from the well cap base, in order to accommodate periodic depth to water measurements, without disturbing the datalogger(s) from the downhole position.

  3. Connect the Levelogger to the Direct Read Cable. Connect the Direct Read Cable to the Reader Cable. Slowly lower the Levelogger down the well.


    See the LevelSender 5 User Guide for more details if installing a Barologger in the same well, or if installing a LevelVent.

  4. Lower the assembly until the Support Hanger Bracket seats on the shoulder in the well cap base.
  5. Connect the top end of the Reader Cable to the LevelSender 5.
  6. Carefully push the excess Reader Cable down the well, while lowering the LevelSender 5 into position. The LevelSender 5 has a flat side so it fits alongside the Support Hanger Bracket.
  7. With the antenna in a bent position, you can install the well cap onto the well cap base.



As with any monitoring project, you should select the proper equipment and determine a maintenance schedule based on the environment specific to your application.

Maintenance tips include:

Sample Rate Report Rate Battery Life
Every Hour Every Day 429 Days
Every Hour Every 6 Hours 176 Days
Every 15 Minutes Every Hour 35 Days



Estimates are based on three 1.5V lithium batteries, with two dataloggers connected.