3.2 Software Installation

Web Download

Download the newest version of the Solinst Telemetry Software and the RRL Remote Utility by visiting
The STS/RRL Communication Agent automatically installs with the STS/RRL Administrator.


Solinst Telemetry Software is also used to program STS Telemetry Systems. See separate User Guide for more information.


When installing the software, the STS Field Utility is also installed. This program is not required for setting up RRL Systems.


CD Installation

  1. Insert the software CD provided.
  2. If the installer does not automatically start, to activate the software install click on the 'setup.exe' file located on the software CD.
  3. The Software Installation Wizard will guide you through the remaining installation process. The STS/RRL Administrator, STS/RRL Communication Agent, and RRL Remote Utility are all automatically installed.
  4. Restart the computer after installation is completed. Default Directory is <C:\Program Files\Solinst\ STS_Gold>