7 Viewing Site Data

7.1 Access Database

Data received in each report from a RRL Station is placed in a Microsoft® Access® database (.mdb files) on the Home Station computer. New data is appended to the existing database. The program will save data downloaded to the following default directory: <C:\Program Files\Solinst\STS_Gold\db> The location of the default directory may vary for different Windows operating systems.


If using Windows 7 or 8, the *.mdb file may be located in a different directory than the default location. It is often found under your User account instead of Program Files. To easily find the location of the *.mdb file, search for "sts_gold.mdb" in the C drive.

solinst rrl view access database microsoft access database for rrl and sts telemetry systems view telemetry database view rrl database image

Figure 7-1 RRL Access Data


The Access database can be queried by your own macros or applications, to automatically check for updates and display the data in your own program, on a website, or in any way you choose.