8.0 Real-Time View for Leveloggers

To view real-time readings from a connected datalogger, select Real-Time View from the Navigation Menu, or Real-Time from the options on the Dataloggers Screen.

solinst levelogger app real-time view screen for ios

Figure 8-1 Real-Time View Screen - iOS

real-time view screen - Android

Figure 8-2 Real-Time View Screen - Android

Select clock button to enter the non-logged view sample rate.

This rate can be set independently of the programmed logging period of the connected datalogger, and does not interfere with any logging taking place in the datalogger itself.

On an iOS device, the start button button re-enables/re-starts the automatic plot scrolling, after you have re-sized the plot by pinching in or out in either the horizontal or vertical directions while taking real-time readings.


On an iPad, tapping start button will expand the Plot screen to full screen.


You can place the App in the background, while Real-Time readings are being recorded.


Real-Time readings do not interfere with any programmed logging taking place in the Levelogger itself.


Downloads and Real-Time readings can occur at the same time.

solinst levelogger app real-time view screen for android

Figure 8-3 Edit Real Time Parameters - iOS

solinst levelogger app edit real-time parameters for android

Figure 8-4 Edit Real-Time Parameters - Android

You can set the non-logged Sample Rate from 1 second to 99 minutes. You can also enable a Data Adjust (Change) to offset real-time readings by the entered value.


Tapping on the white input fields will show the scroll wheels to enter the desired settings.

Select the start symbol start symbol at the top left of the Solinst Levelogger App to start recording real-time readings. Select the stop symbol stop symbol to stop recording real-time readings.


It is possible to change the non-logged Sample Rate, while still recording real-time readings; the graph and data list will be updated dynamically.

To view the real-time data in list view, select view data list.

Real-time logging sessions are automatically saved to the Saved Logs list, when the datalogger is disconnected from the App.


See Section 9.0 for viewing saved data logs, and Section 10.0 for e-mailing or transferring data logs.

solinst levelogger app real-time data list for ios

Figure 8-5 Real-Time Data List - iOS

solinst levelogger app real-time data list for android

Figure 8-6 Real-Time Data List - Android


The scroll bar at the right of the screen, when touched and dragged, can be used to reposition the data window anywhere in very large log files.