Direct Read Cable Assembly Installation

solinst 2 inch locking well caps for levelogger direct read cable installation

Figure 10-7
Solinst 2"
Locking Well Caps
for Direct Read
Cable Installation

solinst direct read cable dimensions

Figure 10-8 Direct Read
Cable Dimensions

When using a Direct Read Cable, the Levelogger can be deployed before it is programmed and started with the software. The Levelogger is installed using a Direct Read Cable to a Direct Read Wellhead, where a PC Interface Cable is connected allowing the Levelogger to communicate with a desktop or laptop PC. Alternatively, you can connect a Levelogger App Interface, DataGrabber, or Leveloader for communication (see separate instructions).

The Direct Read Cable system is composed of the ordered length of Direct Read Cable, the Model 3001 Well Cap Assembly (see Section and the PC Interface Cable. The Direct Read cable threads to the Levelogger, while the socket at the opposite end of the Direct Read Cable fits into the specially designed Well Cap insert. The PC Interface Cable connects to the Direct Read socket at surface and to either a USB or RS232 port on the PC. While use of the Model 3001 Well Cap is recommended and convenient, it is optional as long as a satisfactorily secure alternative tie-off point is found for the Direct Read Cable. Follow these steps to install a Direct Read Cable Assembly to the Levelogger:

  1. Remove the installation cap from the Levelogger, align and connect the optical socket (two glass 'eyes' using the alignment pin) of the Direct Read cable to the Levelogger by threading the coupling onto the Levelogger tightly.
  2. To ensure a water-tight seal, when connecting a Direct Read Cable, tighten the coupling onto the Levelogger until there is no green o-ring visible.


how to properly connect solinst levelogger to the solinst direct read communications cable

    Figure 10-9 Proper Direct Read Cable Connection


    The o-rings on the optical end of the Levelogger and inside the cap should be inspected regularly and replaced as required. See Section 10.2.


  1. The Levelogger and optical socket will fit through the hole in the Well Cap insert.
  2. Remove the protective cap from the non-optical socket at the wellhead end of the Direct Read Cable, seat the socket in the Well Cap Insert and align and thread it to the round socket of the PC Interface Cable.
  3. Connect the USB or RS232 socket of the PC Interface Cable to the USB or RS232 Com Port on your PC.
  4. The two plugged holes in the Well Cap can be opened to provide an access port for a Barologger, as well as a water level meter probe.


When removing a Direct Read Cable from a Levelogger, ensure you only twist the coupling. To avoid possible damage, do not twist the strain relief on the Direct Read Cable.


proper way remove a solinst direct read cable from a levelogger

proper way remove a solinst direct read cable from a levelogger

Figure 10-10 Proper way to remove a Direct Read Cable from a Levelogger

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