3.4 SolSat 5 Wi-Fi App Configuration

3.4.1 Wi-Fi Security Setup

It is recommended to change your password from the default. To do this, go to Settings and select "Wi-Fi Security Setup". Enter your desired password (it is case sensitive).

You can also update your security settings. From the drop-down menu, select either WPA or WPA2 (WPA2 is the most secure)

You can also select a different Channel for your Wi-Fi, if required. Certain channels may have less interference. 1 is the default.

Enter a different SSID (Wi-Fi network identifier/name) if desired.

Click OK once you are finished with the settings.

figure 3-3 wi-fi security setup

Figure 3-3 Wi-Fi Security Setup


3.4.2 GPS Coordinates Style

To change the GPS Coordinates Style that displays for your data, go to Settings and under "User Preferences" there is a drop-down menu with three options. Decimal Degrees (0.000, 0.000) is default, Degrees Decimal Minutes (0º 0.00' N, 0º 0.0' E) or Degrees Minutes Seconds (0º 0' 0" N, 0º 0' 0") are options.


figure 3-4 gps coordinates style

Figure 3-4 GPS Coordinates Style