9.2 Vented Cable Maintenance

Proper storage of the Vented Cable is very important. The Vented Cables are shipped with the ends capped; these caps should be retained, and used to seal the Vented Cable connections when not in use and during periods of storage. It is also recommended the Vented Cable be stored on the spool it was received on (for longer lengths). This protects the Cable and avoids the vent tube from being kinked.


Before the Vented Cables are shipped, the vent tubes are blown dry with nitrogen gas, and capped, to ensure no moisture during transport. These caps should be retained.

To ensure the vent tube is dry before deployment or storage, Solinst offers a special fitting that allows you to blow nitrogen gas through the tube. See Section 9.2.1.

Cleaning the connections ensures a proper seal. A cotton swab can be used to clear any moisture or debris from the connectors.

solinst aquavent vented cable maintenance

Figure 9-3 Vented Cable Maintenance