Vented Water Level Measurement

solinst model 3250 levelvent 5 and 3500 aquavent 5


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The Model 3250 LevelVent 5 & Model 3500 AquaVent 5 record very accurate water level and temperature measurements in shallow groundwater and surface water applications. The loggers combine pressure and temperature sensors, a datalogger, and memory for up to 150,000 data logs within a 22 mm x 173 mm (7/8" x 6.8") stainless steel housing with corrosion-resistant coating. The LevelVent 5 logger also contains an 10-year lithium battery (based on 1 reading per minute).

The LevelVent 5 and AquaVent 5 use a vented pressure sensor; it is open to the atmosphere via a vent tube to surface. This applies atmospheric pressure to the sensor, resulting in water level readings that are automatically compensated for barometric effects.

The loggers use the same durable Hastelloy pressure sensor as the Levelogger 5, providing 0.05% FS accuracy. It can operate in temperatures from -20ºC to 80ºC (0ºC to 50ºC is the temperature compensation range).

The LevelVent 5 and AquaVent 5 come in different pressure ranges to suit expected water level fluctuations, from 5 to 20 m (15 to 65 ft.). Vented Cables are available in lengths to 500 ft. The Vented Cable and loggers are protected from moisture by built-in desiccants and hydrophobic filters

When programmed using Levelogger Software, the LevelVent 5 and AquaVent 5 can be set to record as often as every 1/8 of a second. There are linear, event-based, and scheduled sampling mode options. They are also compatible with the Solinst Levelogger 5 App Interface, Solinst Readout Unit (SRU) and DataGrabber 5.

The LevelVent 5 Wellhead is compact and seats inside a Solinst 2" Well Cap Assembly. It provides an easy connection for communication accessories. The LevelVent 5 Wellhead connects to Solinst Levelogger PC Software using a USB PC Interface Cable. The Levelogger 5 App Interface, SRU and DataGrabber 5 connect directly to the LevelVent 5 Wellhead.

The AquaVent 5 Wellhead fits conveniently onto a 2" (50 mm) well casing. The SPX Wellhead has connections for communicating with Solinst software and accessories; and a second connection for communicating with third party dataloggers or telemetry systems using MODBUS (RS-232/RS-485) or SDI-12 protocols.

Each AquaVent 5 Wellhead contains four 1.5V AA lithium batteries that power the AquaVent 5 logger. They are user replaceable and can last up to 8 years based on 1 reading per minute.