Levelogger PC Software:

  1. You must have administrator privileges to install software on a computer.
  2. The Windows 10 Operating System supports Levelogger Software.

Try the following if your AquaVent 5 is not communicating with Levelogger PC Software, or you are getting a communication error message:

  1. Make sure you have installed the batteries correctly:
    • Ensure proper polarity, paying attention to the positive {+} and negative {-} symbols etched in the holder
    • Ensure proper alignment; the spring contacts in the housing should be lined up with the protruding contacts on the bottom of the battery holder
  2. Check the Vented Cable connections to the AquaVent 5 logger and Wellhead. Ensure they are lined-up correctly and there is no dirt or debris in the connection.
  3. Make sure you are using the correct Wellhead Connector Cable to connect to the PC.
    • You must be using a USB Connector Cable connected to the 10-pin Solinst Protocol connection on the Wellhead. The cable and connection are colour-coded orange.
  4. Check that the USB Connector Cable is connected to the same Com Port that is chosen in the upper middle of the Main Window of the Levelogger Software.
  5. Try communicating with another AquaVent 5 logger, Wellhead, Vented Cable or USB Connector Cable.
  6. Try using a different computer.
  7. If problem persists, contact Solinst.

To reset the AquaVent battery indicator, after replacing the Wellhead batteries:

Go to the Diagnostic Utility in Levelogger Software, click "Run Diagnostics", then click "Reset AquaVent Battery Indicator".


Vented Cable Compatibility

Older style Vented Cables (sold before 4/16/21 with serial numbers lower than 506326) are not compatible with newer style AquaVent 5 Wellheads (sold after 5/7/21) or AquaVent 5 Loggers (sold after 4/5/21) without a small user modification – contact Solinst for instructions. Newer style Vented Cables are compatible with all versions of the AquaVent Logger – please note, after the new Vented Cable connector is fully tightened, the external o-ring on an old Logger or Wellhead is visible and it is normal not to seat against the connector.


For diagnostic purposes, you may want to install the end of the Vented Cable with the serial number to the surface connection at the Wellhead.


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