AquaVent 5 Setup Using Solinst Software

aquavent setting software windows

AquaVent Settings Software Windows

When programming using Levelogger Software, use a USB Connector Cable to connect the AquaVent 5 Wellhead to the computer. (The AquaVent 5 can also be programmed using the Solinst Levelogger App on your smart device.)

Levelogger Software is very intuitive; it automatically detects the type of datalogger connected. Fill in your project information and sampling regime, all in one screen. Settings can be saved for easy re-use. There are options for immediate start or future start and stop times.

AquaVent 5 time may be synchronized to the computer clock. The percentage battery life remaining in the Wellhead and the amount of free memory in the datalogger are indicated.


Convenient Sampling Options

The AquaVent 5 Vented Water Level Dataloggers can be programmed with linear, event-based, or a user-selectable sampling schedule. Linear sampling can be set from 1/8 second to 99 hours, with memory storage for up to 150,000 data sets.

Event-based sampling can be set to record when the level changes by a selected threshold. Readings are checked at the selected time interval, but only recorded in memory if the condition has been met. A default reading is taken every 24 hours if no event occurs.

The Schedule option allows up to 30 schedule items, each with its own sampling rate and duration. For convenience, there is an option to automatically repeat the schedule.


Data Download, Viewing and Export

download aquavent data - viewing and export

Data is downloaded to a PC with the click of a screen icon. There are multiple options for downloading data, including 'Append Data' and 'All Data'. The software also allows immediate viewing of the data in graph or table format using 'Real Time View'.

The level data is automatically compensated for temperature, and the temperature data is also downloaded. The Data Wizard can be used to input manual data adjustments, elevation, offsets and density.

The software allows easy export of the data into a spreadsheet or database for further processing.

The Solinst Levelogger App also allows you to view and save real-time or logged data right on your smart device.


Helpful Utilities

The 'Self-Test Diagnostic Utility' can be used in case of an unexpected problem. It checks the functioning of the program, calibration, backup and logging memories, the pressure transducer, temperature sensor and battery voltage, as well as enabling a complete Memory Dump, if required.

A firmware upgrade will be available from time to time to allow upgrading of the AquaVent 5, as new features are added.