Portable Data Transfer & Telemetry

solinst datagrabber data transfer unit for leveloggers

DataGrabber 5

The DataGrabber 5 is a field-ready data transfer device that allows you to copy data from a Levelogger onto a USB flash key (Dual USB & USB-C key provided).The DataGrabber 5 is compact and very easy to transport. It connects to the top end of a Levelogger's Direct Read Cable, or directly to a Levelogger using an adaptor. One push-button is used to download all of the data in a Levelogger's memory to a USB device.


Solinst Readout Unit (SRU)

solinst readout unit (sru)

Connect an SRU to an in-field Levelogger via an L5 Direct Read Cable or L5 Threaded or Slip Fit Adaptor to display instant water level readings, Levelogger status, save a real-time logging session, and download data to the SRU memory.

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solinst levelsender telemetry systems for levelogger schematic in well image

LevelSender 5 Telemetry

levelsender telemetry systems for levelogger

The LevelSender 5 is a simple, low cost telemetry system designed to send data from Leveloggers in the field, to your smart device and PC database via cellular communication. There is two-way communication between the LevelSender 5 and Home Station, allowing remote updates. LevelSender 5 stations are compact in design, which allows them to be discreetly installed inside a 2" (50 mm) well (see Model 9500 LevelSender Telemetry System data sheet).


SolSat 5 Satellite Telemetry

solsat 5 satellite telemetry logo

The SolSat 5 Satellite Telemetry uses Iridium satellite technology to provide global connectivity for your remote water monitoring projects. The SolSat 5 is simple to set up with Solinst dataloggers using an intuitive and secure Wi-Fi App on your smart device. The SolSat 5 features a built-in barometer, solar panel and a compact weatherproof enclosure for deployment almost anywhere.


STS Telemetry

solinst sts telemetry system for leveloggers

STS Telemetry provides an efficient method to send Levelogger data from the field to your desktop. Cellular communication options give the flexibility to suit any project. STS Systems are designed to save costs by enabling the selfmanagement of data. Alarm notification, remote firmware upgrades and diagnostic reporting make system maintenance simple (see Model 9100 STS Solinst Telemetry System Data Sheet).


RRL Remote Radio Link

solinst rrl remote radio link telemetry system for leveloggers

The RRL Remote Radio Link is ideal for closed-loop, short range applications up to 30 km (20 miles). The RRL can be linked to an STS telemetry station to change from a closed-loop telemetry system to one which can be accessed from anywhere through internet connectivity. (see Model 9100/9200 Telemetry Systems data sheet).