Manual Or Automatic Level, Temperature & Conductivity Monitoring

Conductivity is a parameter that is very useful as a general indication of contamination and salinity levels in water, thus it may be used as a pre-screening tool to help avoid costly laboratory analyses. Conductivity can also be used for measuring and monitoring the impact of pollutants such as road salts, agricultural and highway runoff, chemical spills, and saltwater intrusion on water supplies and aquatic ecosystems.

As conductivity measurements are required to be temperature compensated, and water level data is always necessary, Solinst offers two tools that can provide this information, using either manual methods or by datalogging.

Depth-Discrete Temperature & Conductivity Monitoring

The Solinst TLC Meter has been specifically designed to be an easy-to-use, economical temperature and conductivity profiler and water level meter for wells and surface water applications.

It is excellent for detecting contaminant inflows, monitoring salinity levels, and obtaining early warnings of changes in water quality at landfills and industrial sites.

solinst model 107 tlc meter

Solinst Model 107 TLC Meter

The TLC Meter features a ‘smart’ probe with platinum electrodes, providing accurate temperature and conductivity measurements from 0–80,000 µS. The 19 mm (3/4″) diameter probe measures electrical conductivity that has been standardized to 25 degrees Celsius, that displays as Specific Conductance.

water level temperature and conductivity profiling using the tlc meter

Water Level, Temperature & Conductivity Profiling Using the TLC Meter

The probe is attached to high quality flat tape for depth readings, which is indicated by a light and buzzer. The tape is accurately laser-marked each millimeter or 1/100 ft, in lengths up to 300 m or 1000 ft. The probe and tape are mounted on a sturdy reel making operation easy. Conductivity and temperature measurements are displayed on an LCD display.

Note: a Power Winder can be added to a TLC Meter to help with the lowering and raising of longer tape lengths.

Add Conductivity to Your Level & Temperature Monitoring Program

The Levelogger 5 LTC has been specifically designed for long-term monitoring of conductivity changes over time, especially salt-water intrusion studies. The Levelogger 5 LTC has a compact, waterproof, low maintenance, and durable design.

Levelogger 5 LTC Water Level, Temperature and Conductivity Datalogger

Model 3001 Levelogger 5 LTC Datalogger

The Levelogger 5 LTC allows accurate datalogging of conductivity along with temperature and water levels as often as every second. The conductivity sensor is a 4-electrode platinum sensor, with auto-ranging capabilities from 0–100,000 µS and calibration from 50–80,000 µS. It measures electrical conductivity that has been standardized to 25 degrees Celsius, i.e.: Specific Conductance.

ltc levelogger water conductivity data

Levelogger 5 LTC Water Level, Temperature & Conductivity Monitoring Data

The Levelogger 5 LTC combines a datalogger, 8-year battery, memory for 100,000 sets of readings, pressure transducer, and temperature and conductivity sensors in a small 22 mm x 208 mm (7/8″ x 8.2″) housing. It is simple to deploy, calibrate, and program. Data management is easy using Levelogger Software.

To easily create a network of monitoring wells, the Levelogger 5 LTC can be integrated into a Solinst Telemetry System, which allows convenient access to remote, real-time data.