Getting Started with Leveloggers

Minimum Requirements


Levelogger Datalogger

solinst levelogger 5 water level datalogger
Variable Part Numbers

Your choice of datalogger will be based on:

  • Parameters to be monitored (temperature, water level, conductivity)
  • Accuracy required
  • Anticipated maximum submergence depth
  • How long you will be monitoring (do you need a Barologger, more robust memory, longer battery life?)
  • Type of sampling required (linear, event-based, scheduled)

Levelogger Software

solinst levelogger software
Free Download

Levelogger PC Software is available as a free download at

  • Program and start your datalogger with your desired sampling regime and memory mode
  • View real time data
  • Download, view, save or export logged data
  • Access utilities: Diagnostic, Firmware Upgrades, Conductivity Calibration

Desktop Reader 5

solinst desktop reader 5 for levelogger dataloggers

Field Reader 5

solinst field reader 5 for levelogger dataloggers

The Desktop Reader 5 provides the most stable communication between the Levelogger datalogger and the Levelogger PC Software.

*Alternatively, you can use a Field Reader 5 for this same purpose


*The Field Reader 5 is an alternative option to the Desktop Reader 5 for connecting your Levelogger to a PC for communication with Levelogger Software. It can be more convenient when connecting to Leveloggers in the field and when calibrating a Levelogger 5 LTC.

solinst levelogger 5 connected to laptop using desktop reader 5


solinst levelogger 5 connected to laptop using field reader 5



Deployment Options


Wireline / Kevlar Rope

solinst levelogger stainless steel wireline and kevlar rope for free suspension water level datalogger installations
Variable Part Numbers

Use this method when you wish to minimize up front costs, and pre-program Leveloggers in the office and not require direct communication with the datalogger while it is deployed.


if direct communication to a deployed Levelogger is needed

L5 Direct Read Cable

solinst levelogger 5 direct read cable
Variable Part Numbers

Use this method when you want direct communication with your Levelogger while it is deployed, and to view real-time readings. Avoid removing the datalogger from its deployment, saving time in the field.



In-field Communication Cables/Adaptors


if using Direct Read Cables

PC Interface Cable

solinst pc interface cable for leveloggers to connect a computer to the top of well surface

A PC Interface Cable is used to connect to the Direct Read Cable of a deployed Levelogger and your PC for communication with Levelogger Software.

solinst levelogger 5 connected to direct read cable which is then connected to the pc interface cable showing both usb and rs 232 options

solinst direct read cable connected to a laptop using a pc interface cable at the top of well casing


if not using Direct Read Cables, but wish to connect to an in-field communication device

L5 Threaded and Slip Fit Optical Adaptors

solinst l5 threaded and slip fit adaptors for levelogger 5 part number 114630 and 114598
114630 & 114598

An L5 Threaded or Slip Fit Adaptor allows direct connection of a Levelogger to a Levelogger 5 App Interface, SRU, DataGrabber 5, or PC Interface Cable.

solinst l5 threaded adaptor connecting a levelogger 5 to the levelogger app interface



In-field Communication Devices


DataGrabber 5

solinst datagrabber 5 data transfer device for leveloggers

A DataGrabber 5 connects to an L5 Direct Read Cable or Optical Adaptor to allow Levelogger data file to be transferred and saved to a USB drive. No access to Levelogger settings.


SRU (Solinst Readout Unit)

solinst readout unit sru for using with levelogger series to program and retrieve data

A Solinst Readout Unit (SRU) connects to an L5 Direct Read Cable or Optical Adaptor and displays instant water level readings from the connected Levelogger, performs real-time logging, provides Levelogger status, and allows saving and downloading of data to the SRU. No access to Levelogger settings.


Levelogger 5 App Interface

solinst levelogger 5 app interface

A Levelogger 5 App Interface connects to an L5 Direct Read Cable or Optical Adaptor to provide a wireless Bluetooth® connection between the Levelogger and the Solinst Levelogger App on your iOS or Android™ smart device. The Levelogger App is a free download. With the Solinst Levelogger App you have full access to datalogger settings; you can download and view data, view real-time data, program your Leveloggers, and more. Data can be e-mailed from your smart device directly to your office.



Optional Deployment Accessories


Well Caps

solinst levelogger locking well caps

The 2" Locking Well Caps can be used for both wireline/cord and Direct Read Cable deployment. The well cap has a convenient eyelet for suspending Leveloggers. Well caps are vented. The well cap insert has two openings to accommodate direct read cables for both a Levelogger and Barologger. Adaptors are available to fit 4" wells.


Support Hanger Bracket

solinst levelogger 5 support hanger bracket connected to locking well cap that holds a direct read cable connect to levelogger 5

Used with the 2" Locking Well Cap, a Support Hanger Bracket provides an option for supporting and organizing down well wires or cords, or for coiling extra Direct Read Cable if the full length is not required.


Biofoul Screen

solinst biofoul screen for levelogger 5

Use a Biofoul Screen when your Levelogger will be deployed for extended periods, especially in coastal and saltwater environments, to avoid the build-up of microorganisms, plants, algae, etc. Simply slips onto the sensor end of the datalogger.


Artesian Well Fitting

solinst artesian well fitting for levelogger 5 to be used in artesian water level monitoring applications

For monitoring artesian condition, Solinst provides well fitting options for in-well and top of well installation, and can accommodate the use of L5 Direct Read Cables.



Other Requirements


if using a Levelogger 5 LTC

Conductivity Calibration Solutions

conductivity calibration solution used with levelogger 5 ltc conductivity water level dataloggers
Variable Part Numbers

If you know the approximate conductivity range of the water that you will be measuring, best accuracy when calibrating your unit is to select two solutions—one above, and one below that range. Though, you can calibrate up to four points. Solution options are 1,413 μS/cm, 5,000 μS/cm, 12,880 μS/cm and 80,000 μS/cm.



Remote Data Options


LevelSender 5

solinst levelsender 5 remote telemetry system for levelogger 5 water level dataloggers
Multiple Parts Required (Contact Solinst)

The LevelSender 5 uses 4G cellular communication to send Levelogger data from the field to your Home Station PC and smart device using email or SMS. Fits in a 2" well. Barometrically compensated water levels can be obtained and reported using the built-in barometer. Connect up to two dataloggers.


SolSat 5 Satellite Telemetry

solinst solsat 5 satellite telemetry
Multiple Parts Required (Contact Solinst)

SolSat 5 Satellite Telemetry leverages Iridium satellite technology to send Levelogger data in the field to a secure web portal or to the SolSat 5 Wi-Fi App for download. An internal barometer provides compensated water level readings. Connects to one datalogger.


STS Telemetry System

solinst 9100 sts telemetry system for leveloggers
Multiple Parts Required (Contact Solinst)

STS Telemetry Systems use an LTE digital cellular modem to send Levelogger data from the field to your Home Station PC. Connect up to four dataloggers.


SDI-12 Interface Cable

solinst sdi 12 cable for leveloggers to be connected to dataloggers that use sdi 12 protocol

Solinst Leveloggers are able to communicate with third-party dataloggers using SDI-12 protocol by connecting a Levelogger's Direct Read Cable to a Solinst SDI-12 Interface Cable.