4.0 AquaVent Programming

After you start Levelogger Software, the Main Window will appear, with the Datalogger Settings tab open.

Select the appropriate device from the centre Com Port drop-down menu.

Click to retrieve the current settings from the connected datalogger.


Click on icons to get an explanation of that software feature.

dataloggers settings tab - levelvent

Figure 4-1 Dataloggers Settings Tab - LevelVent 5


dataloggers settings tab - aquavent

Figure 4-2 Dataloggers Settings Tab - AquaVent 5



After retrieving the settings, If the Wellhead batteries have drained to 20% charge or lower, a warning message will appear to replace the batteries.


4.1 Datalogger Settings

After you have retrieved the settings of the connected datalogger, the Datalogger Settings tab will identify the Instrument Type, Serial Numbers, Firmware Version(s), Project ID, Location, and the Channel Settings.

The MODBUS and SDI-12 Address, and Baud Rate settings are only for use when using the 12-Pin Wellhead connection. See separate User Guides for communication using MODBUS and SDI-12 protocols.


4.1.1 Setting Up Channel Information

In the lower left portion of the Datalogger Settings tab is the area for setting channel parameters (level, temperature). The software will detect the available channels when the datalogger settings are retrieved. Level Channel (Ch1)

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Figure 4-3 Datalogger Channel Setup Temperature Channel (Ch2)