2.0 AquaVent Independent Recording Option


See the Vented Dataloggers User Guide for detailed AquaVent operating instructions.

The AquaVent datalogger has the ability to record and store readings in its internal memory, independent from the SDI-12 network, while connected to an SDI- 12 master. Before connecting the AquaVent to the SDI-12 master, it can be programmed and started using Solinst Levelogger PC Software (see Figure 3-1).

All standard sampling options provided by Solinst Levelogger PC Software are available while the AquaVent is operating as an SDI-12 sensor. The AquaVent logger can be set to record at a user-defined sampling rate; event, linear, and scheduled sampling modes are available. This allows the AquaVent logger to provide back-up data if the SDI-12 network fails. The AquaVent logger stores the data in its internal memory, until it is downloaded.


Once you are finished programming your AquaVent, unplug the USB Connector Cable from the Wellhead. The Wellhead only communicates with the SDI- 12 network when just the SDI-12 Connector Cable is connected.

If you program the AquaVent logger at a similar interval to the SDI-12 recorder, it may require an occasional measurement retry by the recorder if the AquaVent happens to be busy at that moment. You can change the schedule of either to ensure this does not happen.

Each time the SDI-12 master asks the AquaVent for a current reading, the Wellhead batteries are used to transmit the information from the logger to the Wellhead. The AquaVent logger will also be using the batteries if programmed to record independently - draining the batteries more quickly.


The Wellhead batteries will drain more quickly if the AquaVent logger is also set to record independently.