New STS Telemetry

solinst telemetry systems Levelogger Remote monitoring Remote water level monitoring image

Traditionally, telemetry systems only offered basic one-way communication. The new Solinst STS Gold Telemetry System offers the flexibility of two-way communication between the remote station and home station computer, providing a new level of control, diagnostic and upgrade ability.

Designed for use with Leveloggers, STS Telemetry has cellular, radio and satellite communication options. Intuitive software makes the system easy to setup, operate and manage your data. Added features, such as alarm notification, IP addressability, remote diagnostic reporting, and remote firmware upgrades make it easy to maintain the System, while simplifying data collection and management. Power usage is minimized through electronic design and limited modem on-time, using a ‘data push’ methodology. Power can be supplied through a 12V battery with options for solar panel recharging, or by direct mains connection.

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