Levelogger Gold – Utilized In Water Resource Projects In Qatar

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Gulf Laboratories Co., established 35 years ago, operates out of Doha, Qatar, and provides geotechnical and hydrogeological consulting services for water resource and development projects in the region.

Currently, Gulf Laboratories Co. have more than 40 Levelogger Gold units operating in the field for a variety of applications. They have been very pleased with their use of Leveloggers in a number of pumping tests as part of ground investigations being conducted for construction projects in Doha. The data collected by Solinst Leveloggers during the pumping tests provides valuable input into dewatering scheme design. Examples of projects that have benefited from Levelogger technology are Dubai Tower, Al Quds Tower, and the Barwa Financial District in Doha.

In addition, Leveloggers have been used for tidal monitoring, and for long-term groundwater monitoring and pumping tests as part of the Lusail Development groundwater investigations Project. Andrew Slate, general manager of Gulf Laboratories, states: “Leveloggers are very easy to program with the software provided” and that he is very satisfied with how well they have withstood the saline environments they are exposed to.

Acknowledgements: Solinst would like to thank Andrew Slate of Gulf Laboratories for providing details on project applications and Levelogger performance.