1.0 Introduction

The Waterloo Multilevel Monitoring System is comprised of modular units designed to allow discrete monitoring from several zones within a single borehole. A variety of portable and dedicated instrumentation allows users to retrieve samples, determine piezometric head, temperatures, and conduct basic hydraulic conductivity tests at each zone.

The System uses modular components of various casing lengths, which form a sealed casing string. Sampling Ports are usually isolated using Packers, or alternating layers of sand and seal for direct burial option. All instrument tubing and cabling is contained within these modules and collected at the top of the system into an efficient and simple Wellhead Manifold.

This manual describes the above-ground assembly of the Waterloo System, including: preparation, joint connections, port connections, testing monitoring equipment, packer activation, and manifold completion.

For best results, please review this entire manual before proceeding with your installations.