Training Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

for Waterloo or CMT® System Multilevel
Installation Training


An Understanding of Responsibility


Solinst Canada Ltd. (Solinst) offers installation training only, which includes providing verbal and 'by example' instruction of proper methods of assembling Waterloo or CMT Multilevel Systems. Actual installation of a Solinst Multilevel System is the sole responsibility of the Customer. Solinst cannot offer guidance, nor recommend the location of a monitoring zone, nor advise on the backfilling of the System to achieve the monitoring zones your site requires.

Based on the information that you provide, Solinst may assist with determining sufficient quantities of components to construct your Multilevel System(s), however Solinst assumes no responsibility for the chemical and physical compatibility of materials, initial design or on- site layout design, in-field design changes, or the condition of the borehole(s).

All equipment received by the client for use in their installations must be inspected upon receipt, and any deficiencies noted and reported to Solinst immediately.

Solinst, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to assess the cause and liability of any System fault or equipment failure at the time of receipt, during assembly, or following installation. If the defect is determined to be caused by inadequate materials or workmanship, excluding actual installation procedures – which are the Customer’s responsibility – Solinst will, at it’s own discretion, replace or refund the cost of the failed component. Solinst is not liable for any contingent costs which may arise from the installation for any reason including the loss of use of any part of the System(s) or borehole(s).

The undersigned understands and accepts the above terms and conditions:


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