Monitoring Contaminated Flow

Installation at 700 ft.

Four Waterloo Systems were installed to monitor a chlorinated compound release. Systems were installed at depths ranging from 131 m – 229 m (430 ft – 750 ft), with most monitoring 7 zones. The Ports were constructed with both Double Valve Pumps and Vibrating Wire Transducers.

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Contaminant investigation at a U.S. Air Force Base. Waterloo Systems installed to 213 m (700 ft) in overburden using screened and cased wells. Up to 6 zones per hole with dedicated pumps and transducers.


An investigation of hydraulic properties beneath a large waste site. Waterloo Multilevel Systems were chosen to allow water quality sampling and to help determine the zones of highest permeability within the aquifer.


Five Waterloo Systems were installed to 33.5 m (110 ft) in fractured bedrock to help characterize a historical chlorobenzene plume at the site of a proposed groundwater pump and treat site. Vibrating Wire Transducers and Double Valve Pumps were dedicated at each of the 4 monitoring zones.