Optional Multi-Purge Manifold Assembly

To purge and sample up to 4 Micro Double Valve Pumps, at a single location, a Multi-Purge Manifold Assembly is available.

  1. Mount the Multi-Purge Manifold over the well installation.
  2. Thread the pumps down through the collar opening in the Multi-Purge Manifold below the head assembly.
  3. Connect each individual pump manifold to the appropriately numbered Multi- Purge Manifold connection by pushing the male LL10 connector (on the pump manifold) into the brass quick connect fitting (on the assembly) while pulling back the brass sleeve on the fitting.
  4. Connect the compressed gas source/controller to the Multi-Purge connection at the top of the head assembly, using the same method as described in step 3.
  5. Open and adjust valves on the head assembly of the Multi-Purge Manifold for those pumps that require purging/sampling. Operate control box according to the instructions provided.


Airflow adjustments are made using the valves on the top of the head assembly of the manifold. A clockwise turn reduces air supply, counter-clockwise increases the air supply. If a valve is all the way down, it is in the off position. Valves can be adjusted by hand, but if they are too tight, a slot head screwdriver can be used.

solinst 408m micro double valve pump multipurge manifold

Figure 33 - Solinst 408M Micro Double Valve Pump Multipurge Manifold