Configuring the Bottom of the CMT Tubing


When constructing the bottom assembly, only insert the expandable plugs into the monitored channels, leaving the other channel(s) open so that they can fill with water as the CMT tubing is inserted into the borehole (e.g. If only 2 channels are monitored, only those channels should have plugs inserted at the base.) This reduces buoyancy during well installation.


Step 17) Insert Expansion Plugs

Insert an expansion plug into each of the constructed channels in our example, all 3 channels. Tighten each to a torque of 12.5 inch-pounds using the torque driver


Step 18) Attach the Guide Point Port

Slide the Guide Point over the end of the CMT tubing and secure it to the tubing with one stainless steel clamp (Figure 19). The guide point is a solid piece without any port opening. The end of the Guide Point Assembly is tapered to prevent the bottom of the CMT tubing from getting snagged on a rock ledge or casing joints as it is being inserted into a borehole.

installing solinst cmt multilevel system guide point port

Figure 19 -Installing CMT Guide Point Port


Wetting the Oetiker clamp reduces the friction, making installation easier.