Attaching Tubing Centralizers

Step 20) Install Centralizers

Place the centralizers over the CMT Multilevel System tubing at the desired depths. Centralizers are generally placed along the CMT tubing at intervals ranging from every 5 to every 15 feet. Attach the centralizers securely to the CMT tubing using two stainless steel clamps (Figure 27).

The CMT well is now ready to be inserted into the borehole.


Solinst has developed special tubing centralizers that ensure that the tubing is centered in the borehole during well construction. The fins on the centralizers are low-profile to prevent them from obstructing the tremie tube, or sand and bentonite pellets poured from the surface. Centralizers are available as 5.5" OD, 4.4" OD, and 3.5" OD.

solinst cmt multilevel system centralizer

Figure 27
5.5" OD Centralizer (#113907)