Pre-Installation Requirements

3-Channel CMT Assembly

CMT Multilevel System Pre-installation Requirements

Please complete this form, for each CMT Multilevel System to be installed, to verify that proper consideration has been given to design and borehole specifications (CMT tubing 1.1" OD)

Accurate Borehole Depth _______________________________

Borehole Angle _______________________________

Depth to which CMT System is to be installed _______________________________

Borehole Geology _______________________________

Drilling Method _______________________________

Casing Size (Minimum ID) _______________________________

Depth to Base of Well Casing _______________________________

Number of Monitoring Zones _______________________________

Approximate Depth to Static Water Level _______________________________

Expected Maximum Pressure Heads at each Port location _______________________________

Site Conditions (eg. dry field, bush, swamp, paved, etc.) _______________________________

Any special surface requirements for completion of installation (eg. flush mounted, angled, etc) _______________________________

Solinst can assist the client in the component selection for the CMT Multilevel System based on the above requested information, but final design and installation details remain the responsibility of the purchaser.


If bentonite cartridges are selected for CMT Multilevel Systems, the boreholes must be circular, smooth and straight for trouble-free installation and proper seal. Irregularities in borehole straightness can prevent effective sealing of a CMT installation. Great care should be taken to ensure a suitable fit.


cmt multilevel system installation tool kit