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NGWA (National Ground Water Association):

Publishers of Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation, the Water Well Journal, and Ground Water. This site contains useful "Groundwater Industry" information on Memberships, Courses, Conferences, Expositions, Government Issues, Papers, Well Sites and Job Market Information.


AWWA (American Water Works Association):

View the current issue of AWWA Journal.  At this site, you can also get information on memberships, other publications, conferences and training opportunities, access technical resources such as manuals and standards, and learn about the latest government issues and job opportunities.


IAH (International Association of Hydrogeologists):

"The Worldwide Groundwater Organisation."  View their calendar of events; get information about memberships, international IAH contacts, the latest news, and access industry links and IAH publications.



IAH-CNC (International Association of Hydrogeologists - Canadian National Chapter):

The International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) Canadian National Chapter (CNC) is an active organization that offers members a variety of talks, seminars, networking opportunities, and conferences.


USGS (United States Geological Survey):

"Science for a changing world" Resourceful homepage covering the Biological Resources, Geologic Information, National Mapping Information, Water Resources of the United States. Other areas include: Publications and Data, fact sheets, hazards, natural resources, and environment.


GSA (Geological Society of Americas):

Acquire information of GSA Officers and Councilors, up-coming meetings, membership, pubications (including an on-line bookstore), education, environment and public policy, GSA administration and more.


USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency):

Important industry related issues on: offices, labs and regions, regulations, contracts, grants and environmental financing, programs and initiatives, publications, data systems and software, concerned citizens, students and teachers, kids, business and industry, researchers and scientists, state, local and tribal governments.


CAMESE (Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export):

Browse member information, industry suppliers, news releases, and get information on future CAMESE trade shows.  Subscribe to their free magazine "CAMESE Compendium of Canadian Mining Suppliers".


NWQMC (National Water Quality Monitoring Council):

Home Page for the Advisory Committee on Water Information, Water Information Coordination Program from the U.S. Geological Survey which provides a national forum for coordination of consistent and scientifically defensible methods and strategies to improve water quality monitoring, assessment and reporting.


Environment Canada:

The latest news on the government's environmental initiatives.  Access information on programs for the protection of water, air, and nature.  Get information on weather and meteorology, pollution and waste, acts, regulations and agreements.


GRA (Groundwater Resources Association of California):

"Dedicated to resource management that protects and improves groundwater through education and technical leadership".  Become a member; get information about upcoming events and courses presented by the Association.


AEHS (The Association for Environmental Health and Sciences):

Professionals concerned with the challenge of soil, sediment and water assessment, clean-up and protection. Access membership information, and an exchange of information including, journals, news, conferences, technical reports and surveys.


University of Waterloo - Waterloo Institute for Groundwater Research:

Get information about the institute, members, graduate students and their research. Search for applicable publications. Find out about upcoming courses, lectures and seminars.

Environmental and Industry Related


The Nielson Environmental Field School, Inc.:

Complete field course training including: groundwater monitoring, groundwater sampling, assessment of petroleum hydrocarbon spill for risk-based corrective action and natural attenuation, low-flow purging and groundwater sampling, environmental sampling, groundwater monitoring well design, construction & development and more.


Water Online:

"Where the Water & Wastewater Industries Click." Search their database for industry related suppliers, EPA news, technical articles, subscribe to their newsletter, and connect with other professionals online in their discussions forum section.


Water & Wastes Digest:

Magazine focusing on up-to-date water & wastewater industry information.   Get information on subscriptions.  Browse archives of case histories, articles, and news.  View their events calendar, newsletter, and industry buyers guide.

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U.S. Water News Online:

Covers news concerning water and wastewater issues around the United States predominantly. Other areas include Article Archives, Classifieds, Hot Links & Storefronts, and a Water Investment Newsletter.


NWQMC (National Water Quality Monitoring Council) -
Methods and Data Comparability Board:

The Methods and Data Comparability Board is a partnership of water-quality experts from federal agencies, states, local governments, volunteer monitoring groups, and private organizations who all share a commitment to developing water-quality monitoring approaches that facilitate collaboration and comparability amongst all data-gathering organizations.


NEMI (National Environmental Methods Index):

NEMI is a free, searchable clearinghouse of methods and procedures for both regulatory and non-regulatory monitoring purposes for water, sediment, air and tissues.


National Monitoring Network:

Home Page for Factsheets for the National Water Quality Monitoring Council. The goal of the Network is to provide information about the health of our oceans and coastal ecosystems and inland influences on coastal waters for improved resource management.



WaterInfoLink is the search engine for the water and wastewater industry. Search industry content, companies and government sites for the credible, relevant information you need.


GOwen Environmental Limited:

GOwen Environmental Ltd. each year hosts the Contaminated and Hazardous Waste Site Management Course.  The course provides theory, practice, and outdoor field demonstrations for individuals who manage, regulate, investigate, or remediate contaminated sites.


Lifewater Canada:

Lifewater Canada is a non-profit organization that brings aid to the rural poor in Africa and Haiti. They train and equip the poor to drill wells for clean drinking water, and provide sanitary and hygiene training.